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Girls and Women with Disabilities Continue to Inspire All at National Miss Amazing 2023

Every year since they expanded to be a nation-wide program, girls and women from as young as age 5 in 36 states show off their passions, participate in interviews, and introduce themselves on stage in their local state Miss Amazing pageants. This isn't your typical beauty pageant; participants are judged on areas such as confidence, bravery, self-esteem, and engagement. That doesn't mean that these girls and women don't get to get dressed up and show off their style. Formal wear is always a favorite part of the pageant where participants put on whatever outfit makes them feel their very best and are escorted around the stage by their Right Hand Man. Some individuals use communication devices, advocates, or other adaptive technology and methods to participate to their fullest potential. All ability levels are welcome and judged equally.

The winners from the pre-teen and older categories go on to represent their state and age group in the National Miss Amazing Summit. This year, the summit was held in Chicago and had 25-30 participants in each age category. Over the course of three incredible days, each state representative took part in an interview, formalwear presentation, and introduced herself to the hundreds of attendees in the audience. During the passion presentations, the audience laughed, cried, and was inspired and moved by the vast diversity of what these girls and women are passionate about. Participants gave presentations on everything from making measurable change by having appointments with elected officials to fundraising and executing the creation of new adaptive playgrounds to performing stand up comedy or martial arts.

When not competing in one of these areas, friendships are being made from across the country. Phone numbers and social media are being shared, laughter abounds, and genuine connections are being made. Being able to witness these connections being made is a true pleasure that we are honored to have experienced.

While there is only one crowned winner in each age category to represent National Miss Amazing for the year, all of these girls and women have moved and inspired anyone who has had the honor of interacting with them.

For more information about Miss Amazing, you can visit their website or follow them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


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