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young man with down syndrome embraces his parents

Disability Advocacy & Resource Center LLC

At the Disability Advocacy & Resource Center, we strive to provide individuals with the support they need to overcome barriers in the workplace, school, and recreational environments. We provide lists of resources, as well as individualized consultations and advocacy work.


You are not alone.

Our Programs


DE&I Analysis

Review DE&I current state and evaluate areas for improvement in your small or medium business


Workplace, Education, and Recreational Advocacy

Support and non-legal guidance when navigating difficult workplace, school, or recreational situations


Where we can't directly help, these places can!

Browse through various categories of resources relating to individuals with disabilities of all kinds

Find Out How We Can Help!

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Our Mission

DARC exists to help individuals and families navigate places of work, education, and recreation in which they may encounter barriers to their success. It is our most sincere hope that we will one day live in a society in which our services are no longer needed.

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